Chemical Glove Search

To view Heavy Exposure, Limited Exposure or Physical Hazards Testing data, please choose chemical name or CAS number.


Chemical Glove Search

To view the physical attributes of a glove, please choose chemical name or CAS number. You may directly access product information by searching by name.

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Request Glove SampleWelcome to the new, a comprehensive Chemical Resistant Glove Directory powered by Showa Best Glove. Chemrest is designed to inform users about chemical resistance and its relationship to hand protection products manufactured by Showa Best Glove. offers two major search engines to explore different criteria for chemical resistant gloves.

The Chemical Data Search tool displays test data related to specific chemicals, showing recommended products for any given chemical. Heavy and Limited Exposure test data is available, and Physical Hazards data may also be viewed.


The Chemical Resistant Glove Search explores the physical attributes of gloves such as sizing, color, material, grip texture, length, dexterity and lining. Specific chemicals and exposure requirements may also be selected to display recommended gloves for varying uses.


Additional information about chemical resistant glove manufacturing, testing standards for chemical resistance, and a glove glossary is available for those users wanting more background information on picking the right chemical resistant glove.

Showa Best Glove specializes in 5 major disciplines of hand protection: Disposable Gloves, Chemical Resistant Gloves, General Purpose Gloves, Cut Resistant Gloves, and Hi Tech Gloves. Visit for additional corporate and product information or view our Showa Best Glove video.


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